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US expected to release new sanctions list in coming hours

Confusion surrounding sanctions list released earlier on Friday by US Treasury

In a long-awaited move, the United States is anticipated to unveil a new sanctions list within the next few hours. Earlier, there was confusion surrounding the list released by the US Treasury, as it was initially mistaken as the new one, but it turned out to be an administrative update to the April 12 sanctions.

Contrary to expectations, the so-called "new sanctions lists" did not introduce any fresh names. Instead, it served as a public update informing that the individuals and entities previously listed on April 12 had their assets completely frozen under the imposed sanctions.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the British Government, on Friday morning, published its own set of new sanctions. Notably, the list did not include any names from Cyprus. The sanctions primarily targeted 86 individuals and legal entities for violating the restrictions imposed on Russia's access to the international financial system.

[Information from official announcement]

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