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USA: A classified document on another country's nuclear arsenal was found in Trump's home

The newspaper's report, which cited sources familiar with the matter, did not say which country it was, or whether it was a U.S. ally or adversary


A classified document detailing a foreign country's defenses, including its nuclear capabilities, was found during an FBI search last month of Republican former President Donald Trump's home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, a newspaper report said Tuesday. Washington Post published in its online edition.

The newspaper's report, which cited sources familiar with the matter, did not say which country it was, or whether it was a US ally or adversary.

"A document referring to the armed forces of a foreign country, including its nuclear capabilities," was among dozens of classified documents seized in a federal search of the former president's mansion, according to the Post.

Spokesmen for Mr. Trump and spokesmen for the Justice Department did not respond to requests for comment from the Reuters news agency.

On August 8, when federal agents conducted a spectacular raid on Donald Trump's home, they recovered boxes of over 11,000 government documents and photographs, including classified and top secret material that the Republican politician had not turned over to the presidency after leaving office, despite the repeated requests for the return of said documents.

Among the documents seized in the police operation were 18 documents classified as 'top secret', 50 classified as 'secret' and 31 classified as 'confidential'. Among them, according to the publication, are some with a security rating that even senior officials in Joe Biden's administration are not allowed to access and where special authorization is required.

A few days after the investigation, the same newspaper revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was looking for documents linked to nuclear weapons.

After the unprecedented police raid on the home of a former president, Donald Trump, who is flirting more and more openly with the idea of ​​running for the presidency again in the 2024 election, weighed in on the FBI's "illegal and unconstitutional" action and argued that he is being targeted for political reasons.

Earlier Monday, a judge approved Mr. Trump's request to be named as an independent expert to review the documents seized on August 8. This decision prevents, at least temporarily, federal investigators from using them in the context of a criminal investigation.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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