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18 July, 2024
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Varied weather conditions ahead

Seasonal low pressure for the upcoming days

Today, expect mostly sunny skies throughout the region, with a possibility of localized cloudiness intensifying over the mountainous areas during the afternoon. The prevailing winds will blow from the southwest to the northwest, initially veering locally from the east to the southeast. Wind speeds will predominantly be gentle, measuring around 3 Beaufort. However, early in the morning, coastal areas may experience locally strong gusts, ranging between 4 to 5 Beaufort. The sea state will be slightly rough, with moderate wave activity. As for temperatures, inland areas will reach around 38 degrees Celsius, while the southeastern and eastern coastal areas can expect temperatures around 32 degrees Celsius. On the western coast, temperatures will hover near 29 degrees Celsius, while remaining coastlines and higher mountainous areas will experience temperatures around 31 degrees Celsius.

As evening falls, the weather will generally be clear, although sporadic episodes of low cloudiness may occur, primarily along the western coast. Later into the early morning hours, expect the potential formation of scattered fog or mist, mainly in the eastern and southeastern regions. The prevailing winds will shift from southwesterly to northwesterly, eventually becoming locally variable. Initially, wind speeds will be weak to moderate, measuring between 3 to 4 Beaufort. However, they will gradually decrease to a gentle breeze of around 3 Beaufort. The sea state will transition from gradually calming to slightly rough, though it will remain slightly rough along the western and northern coastal areas. 

Overnight temperatures will drop to approximately 22 degrees Celsius in inland areas, as well as in the southeastern, eastern, and western coastal regions. Other coastal areas can expect temperatures around 21 degrees Celsius, while the higher mountainous areas will experience cooler temperatures around 18 degrees Celsius.

Looking ahead to Thursday, expect predominantly sunny skies with localized cloudiness increasing over the mountains during the afternoon. On Friday and Saturday, the weather will remain mostly sunny, but with the possibility of enhanced cloudiness in the afternoon. Isolated showers cannot be ruled out, primarily in the mountainous regions. Temperature-wise, there won't be significant fluctuations during this three-day period, with values expected to remain close to the average climatic norms.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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