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Vatican allows small portion of cremated ashes to be stored in personal places

Vatican revises previous guidance, permitting a symbolic part of ashes in meaningful locations, while emphasizing the importance of maintaining a sacred setting for the majority.


The Vatican has modified its stance on the storage of cremated ashes, now allowing a small portion to be kept in a place of significance for the deceased, in contrast to previous guidance stating ashes must be kept in "sacred places."

The 2016 guidance prohibited keeping ashes at home, dividing them among family members, or scattering them. The new instructions maintain the validity of these restrictions but permit a minimal part of the ashes to be stored in a place of importance for the deceased, provided anti-Christian practices are excluded, and the majority is kept in a sacred place.

The Catholic Church historically frowned upon cremation, but restrictions were lifted in 1963. The recent statement aims to balance tradition with evolving practices.

[Information sourced from Reuters]

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