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Vegan Fam Festival 2023: Embrace life, sustainably

Cyprus' largest eco-festival returns for a third vibrant year!


In an eagerly anticipated announcement, the Vegan Fam Festival, hailed as Cyprus' largest eco-festival, is set to make its triumphant return for the third consecutive year. The vibrant celebration of life, dedicated to promoting a vegan lifestyle and sustainable practices, is scheduled to take place on the weekend of September 9th and 10th, 2023. The venue of choice is the picturesque Aeolian Olive Park located in Psematismenos village, Larnaca. This year's edition is made possible with the support of Lidl Cyprus and a host of other sponsors. The festival's operational hours are slated from 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM, and attendees can look forward to a free admission policy.

At its core, the Vegan Fam Festival serves as a commemoration of life in all its forms. It represents an opportunity for both committed vegans and those curious about adopting a healthier lifestyle to unite in a scenic natural setting. The festival underscores that veganism is not solely a dietary choice but rather a burgeoning life philosophy with global traction, including Cyprus. Reasons for embracing veganism span from moral and environmental concerns to personal health aspirations.

The festival promises a holistic experience for its attendees. A wide array of educational sessions, talks, cooking demonstrations, and workshops will be conducted by the Lidl Food Academy On The Go. Attendees can savor culinary delights through tastings at Lidl Vantastic Canteen, complemented by delectable food, beverages, and desserts. In addition to these culinary explorations, visitors can immerse themselves in the wellness area, partake in shopping for vegan products, engage in creative activities with their children, relish live music performances, and much more.

Noteworthy is the festival's commitment to inclusivity. The event welcomes pets, aligning with its ethos of embracing all life forms. Moreover, the festival champions eco-friendliness and endeavors to minimize plastic usage.

Support for the Vegan Fam Festival comes from a range of sponsors and partners. Hellenic Bank stands as the Seminar Sponsor, while Deejay Radio and WIZ GUIDE take on the mantle of Communication Sponsors. The Community Council of Refrigerated, Party Ice, and Metabise Ltd. are proud supporters of the event. The organization of the festival is meticulously handled by Events for Thought.

For those seeking comprehensive details, the event's Facebook page, along with and, provides further information. As anticipation builds, the Vegan Fam Festival 2023 appears poised to capture the hearts and minds of participants, fostering a deeper appreciation for sustainable living and the vegan ethos.

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