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Video of shark spotted off the coast of Larnaca

A rare phenomenon


Boaters were thrilled when they spotted a shark while sailing in Larnaca near the Zenobia wreck.

A video posted on social media shows the excitement of those on board the inflatable at the time the shark was caught swimming near their boat.

The appearance of sharks  in the seas of Cyprus is quite uncommon.  However, 2 sightings have been recorded recently.

One previous sighting a couple of weeks ago showed fisherman pulling a shark on to their boat and taking pictures of it before returning it to the sea. 

Another sighting back in 2020 occured in Limassol off the coast of Lady's mile where fishermen spotted a blue pointer Mako shark.  These sharks are usually harmless and are in Cyprus waters only to breed and not to feed.

There has only been one deadly shark attack in Cyprus to date which happened on September 1901.  Since then, no shark attacks have been reported.


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