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Disgust over shark abuse by fishermen in Larnaca

Outcry from the public

Shock, disgust and disapproval erupted on social media against fishermen caught abusing a sharl in Larnaca.  The revelation was made by the fishermen themselves through their posting on social media, provoking a storm of reactions.

According to the non-governmental organization Enalia Physis Environmental Research Center, where it also publishes the images, it states that it is "a shark of the species Hexanchus griseus, commonly known as Pampakaris / Exavrangios".

Despite reports that the animal was later released, the mistreatment left open the possibility that the animal later died.

Reasons why the shark may not have survived according to the NGO:

1. Treatment/grabbing of the gills. The gills are the organ that allows the oxygenation of blood in fish. Simply put, they are the lungs of the fish. The published material shows the treatment of the shark by the gill slits. This alone can confirm that the organ that allows the animal to breathe has been severely damaged, especially after so much pressure has been exerted. Although the animal may appear to be alive after release, it is in fact in a process of slow death.

2. Blood on deck. A photo shows the animal on the deck of the boat with blood flowing from the gills, which further confirms the damage caused to its gills.

3. Too much time out of the water. Fish can be permanently brain damaged after being left out of the water due to lack of oxygen. From the photos it is clear that the animal remained out of the water for a long time, since after its capture a certain amount of time was spent photographing on the boat.

This is the announcement of the Agency:

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