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Vindicated Alexoui goes after ‘malicious prosecutors’

Nicosia businessman cleared of attempted murder charges accuses Cyprus police of blocking exculpatory evidence


Nicosia businessman Alexis "Alexoui" Mavromichalis has filed a complaint with police internal affairs five months after he was vindicated of attempted murder, accusing prosecutors of malicious prosecution and concealing exculpatory evidence.

According to local media, Mavromichalis submitted a complaint with the Republic of Cyprus’ Independent Authority for the Investigation of Allegations and Complaints Against the Police regarding his trial last year when her was acquitted of attempted murder.

In his letter Mavromichalis asserted that police “did not present and/or did not obtain testimony that proved my non-involvement in the case,” with media sources saying Alexoui had attached a copy of the deposition to prove his accusation.

Mavromichalis and Miroslav “Rudolf” Balazovjech, both of whom were held for over 20 months in pre-trial detention, were acquitted in early November 2021 after a judge panel unanimously dismissed all evidence against them, while co-defendant Josef “Sifis” Josef was also acquitted three weeks later.

Allegations against the defendants had been made by Panicos “Glykas” Panayiotou, who had an attempt on his life back in 2017, but judges ultimately sided with defense and found the witness to be unreliable after changing his story.

Alexoui says the witness was called back in 2020 when investigators showed her an image of an 'unknown individual' without presenting photos of the two detained suspects who could have been ruled out

But Mavromichalis says police had carried out malicious prosecution against him. Alexoui pointed to a key witness who told investigators at the start of the investigation that she had seen the perpetrator and offered a physical description, which did not match the suspects. 

The businessman then goes on to say that the witness was called back in 2020, following the arrests of Alexoui and Rudolf, when investigators showed her an image of an “unknown individual” without presenting photos of the two suspects in custody or recording anywhere details of how the photo lineup was conducted.

Mavromichalis says police investigators did not take actions they ought to have taken concerning the only eye witness, such as showing photos of the detained suspects, but also raised the question as to why such testimony was never presented in court.

Alexoui’s defence attorney Andros Pelekanos had argued that the detention of his client was unlawful because it was based on contradictory witness statements, while adding there were ulterior motives.

During the long and protracted trial, Pelekanos had also published a video where he called for justice within the legal system, listing a number of questions and issues of concern that he said ought to be addressed in a fair manner.

Alexoui, who had multiple attempts on his life, had been speaking out on social media against police corruption and unfair treatment.

Besides the defense saying the main prosecution witness in the trial had made contradictory statements on multiple occasions, Alexoui’s attorney had also raised questions over police conduct throughout the case and pointed to a feud between cops and his client.

Media sources said the internal affairs committee will review Mavromichalis’ letter along with others at their next meeting before Greek Easter.

“We will take a look at all complaints, including the one submitted by Mavromichalis, to decide how it should be handled, that is whether to have an investigator or carry out a preliminary probe,” a source said according to Reporter.

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