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Viral image adds intrigue to Syrian man's controversy

High-level meeting and detention center photo circulation cause stir


A 47-year-old Syrian man has captured headlines due to his public threats following the Chloraka incidents, sparking a whirlwind of responses. Subsequently, he met with the Minister of Justice and the Chief of Police, alongside fellow Syrians, even as a pending arrest warrant loomed over him.

In recent hours, an image of this individual within a detention center alongside a compatriot has circulated across social media platforms.

In our correspondence with Police spokesman Christos Andreou, Mr. Andreou explained that the individual in question is detained in a section housing administrative detainees who are set for deportation from Cyprus and are permitted phone usage.

According to the police spokesperson, during a pre-trial detention hearing, the 47-year-old made contact with an administrative detainee who possessed a phone, and it seems that the photograph was taken during this interaction.

It's noteworthy that the Director of Paphos Police promptly directed that the 47-year-old be released on his own accord and that monitoring be intensified.

The 47-year-old will remain in custody

The 47-year-old will remain in custody until September 22nd, which marks the scheduled date for his case's hearing.

Facing an array of charges, the 47-year-old is accused of a series of offenses, including assaulting a police officer, obstructing an officer in the course of lawful duty, stabbing, disorderly conduct, public insult, disturbing the peace, causing a public disturbance, resisting lawful arrest, and operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs.

Moreover, the 47-year-old Syrian has been implicated in two additional cases involving charges of disseminating false news, inciting and provoking violence, inciting the commission of criminal offenses, as well as a case of theft and receiving stolen goods.

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