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Police probe alleged kidnapping case in Chlorakas

Officials take self-initiated steps to uncover abduction details


The police in Paphos are investigating a case of kidnapping that is said to have occurred in late August, even though the alleged victim did not file a complaint after being located.

According to the spokesperson of the Paphos Police Department and the head of the Paphos CID, Michalis Nikolaou, on August 28, 2023, around 11:00 PM, the police received information that individuals of Arabic origin abducted a Greek Cypriot. They transported him to a Paphos beach and left him there.

Immediate examinations were carried out by the police, and the alleged victim was located. Mr. Nikolaou noted that there is no official complaint from him regarding this incident.

Nevertheless, due to the seriousness of the committed offenses, combined with recent confrontations between Greek Cypriots and Arabs in the Paphos province, the police took self-initiated action to investigate the case.

As part of the investigations, testimony about the involvement of two foreign individuals was secured. Arrest warrants were issued against them yesterday, Wednesday, and they are wanted by the authorities.

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