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04 June, 2023
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Wet and windy before temps rise for weekend

Chances of showers and isolated thunderstorms on Friday in Cyprus, weekend temps rise slightly


Strong winds and wet conditions in Cyprus are expected to make Friday feel colder, along with possible thunderstorms, but temperatures will go up again over the weekend.

A low pressure system is affecting the area over Cyprus on Friday, when skies will range from partly to mostly cloudy with chances of local showers and isolated thunderstorms.

Strong winds are also expected, initially weak but later reaching 6 points on the Beaufort scale, while temperature highs will reach 20 degrees Celsius inland, 22 in coastal regions, while it will be 10 high up in the mountains.

Evening skies will be partly cloudy with chances of showers and possibly isolated thunderstorms in different regions, while strong winds expected to persist in local areas will later slow down.

Temperature lows will drop to 9 degrees inland, 14 in coastal regions, while it will be 5 higher up.

Saturday weather will feature scattered clouds with small chances of showers, while temperatures are expected to rise slightly.

Sunday and Monday skies will remain mostly cloudy at middle and high levels.

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