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Why Finland's education system is top ten tough

Japan vs. Finland: Understanding education stress


A recent study by has identified Finland as having one of the most demanding education systems globally, following a 9-3-3 structure.

According to a report from Schengen Visa Info, the Finnish Matriculation Examination, a challenging nationwide test, plays a pivotal role in shaping the academic journey for thousands of students each year.

While excelling in education, Finnish students face heightened stress levels, with around 40% of female and 28% of male students reporting feelings of depression or anxiety. Despite this, Japan tops the stress charts, revealing alarming statistics of 95.1% of female students and 84.0% of male students experiencing stress during their studies.

Information Technology and International Business Logistics emerge as the most sought-after fields of study in Finland. The study also sheds light on Finland's top college acceptance rate of 17% and a noteworthy 40% of the population holding tertiary education qualifications.

Joining Finland on the list of countries with the toughest education systems are South Korea, Singapore, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Africa, the United States, and Russia. The study provides insights into the challenges faced by students in these nations, highlighting the dedication required for success.

[With information sourced from Schengen Visa Info]

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