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Woman held captive runs to police

Man accused of holding ex against her will, beating her in her own apartment in Paphos


A woman in Paphos says she was being held captive by her ex boyfriend who was beating her until she managed to escape.

According to local media, a 31-year-old female was being held against her will, locked up inside in her own apartment by her former boyfriend, aged 24.

The former couple reportedly had been living together from December 2018 through February 2019, until the woman broke up with the man. Local media said that according to the complaint, she had asked him to part ways due to his violent temper.

Police refused to give any details to KNEWS, citing violence in the family provisions

On March 16, the man allegedly broke into the woman’s apartment and took away her house and car keys. He also physically assaulted her according to the complaint, hitting her in the face and other parts of her body.

While the man was asleep, reports said the woman found an opportunity to escape and she immediately ran to the police. She was then taken to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital where she was treated for bruises, which were visible over her left eye and on her hip. She was then released from hospital.

It was not clear whether an arrest had been made based on the complaint. Police refused to give any details, telling Knews that a report could not be issued as the incident was being handled as violence in the family.

CID Paphos is investigating the complaint.

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