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Woman trapped in car for 40 minutes during Tesla software update

Woman's video shows escape from sweltering Tesla car


Brianna Janel found herself trapped in her Tesla car as it underwent a software update, turning what was supposed to be a routine task into a harrowing experience. It all started when Brianna attempted to update her car's software while parked in a lot. Little did she know, this decision would leave her stranded for the next 40 minutes, with temperatures soaring above 40 degrees Celsius.

In a video shared on TikTok, Brianna recounted her unusual ordeal, detailing the mix of emotions she experienced during her "confinement." She expressed feelings of disappointment and anxiety as she waited for the update to complete, a situation she had willingly put herself in.

During the update process, the car doors remained locked, leaving Brianna unable to exit the vehicle. Although Tesla cars come equipped with a manual door release function, Brianna hesitated to use it, fearing damage to her luxury vehicle.

Finally, as the update concluded, Brianna was able to activate the air conditioning and breathe freely, escaping the stifling, non-ventilated atmosphere inside her car.

Relieved to be out of her car, Brianna shared her experience in a video, expressing gratitude for being able to enjoy the cool breeze outside.

Reflecting on her terrifying experience, Brianna advised Tesla drivers to avoid updating their cars while inside and suggested opting for early morning hours for updates instead.

Watch Brianna Janel's video below:

[With information sourced from 24 News]

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