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Women say 'NO' to more babies despite Chinese Government urges

Chinese women resist pressure to boost population


Amid a national emergency, China's Communist Party strives to increase birth rates with incentives like cheaper housing and tax benefits. However, efforts to encourage women to embrace traditional roles as "good wives and mothers" face resistance, leading to a second consecutive year of population decline in 2023.

As reported by The New York Times, the demographic crisis poses economic and healthcare challenges, exacerbated by the legacy of the one-child policy and deep-seated gender inequality.

China's President, Xi Jinping, urges a return to traditional family values, emphasizing a "marriage and childbearing culture." Despite these calls, experts argue that the government's approach overlooks the reality of gender inequality, leaving women uncertain about parenthood.

Advocacy against workplace discrimination and censorship attempts to stifle the feminist movement haven't quelled rising awareness among Chinese women about their rights.

Social media remains a platform for women to share experiences, despite increasing censorship. While China has laws promoting gender equality, practical implementation falls short, with women facing discrimination in employment.

Shocking incidents of violence against women grab national attention, influencing women's decisions against marriage. Changing policies, a rise in divorce difficulties, and skewed court rulings contribute to declining marriage rates.

An analysis of divorce cases highlights the challenges faced by women, with approximately 80% of petitions denied on the first try, reinforcing concerns about justice and reinforcing popular sayings like "a marriage license has become a license to beat." Recent policy changes, such as a mandatory 30-day cooling-off period for divorces, add to the complexities.

Despite efforts to entice women to marry, the prevailing sentiment suggests that government policies may inadvertently trap women rather than empower them, perpetuating gender inequality and challenging China's societal fabric.

[With information sourced from The New York Times]

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