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Worker injured after hooded men attack speed camera van

Attacks on company vans and drivers continue, operator drives to safety after assault in dead of night


Another speed camera van was attacked in the Republic of Cyprus, with reports saying a male company employee was struck in the head when hooded men assaulted him in the dead of night.

Local media said a 37-year-old man, who works for the company that maintains traffic cameras in Cyprus, was on duty alone in rural Limassol when he was attacked by six unknown males on Sunday well before dawn.

The incident took place along Kantou-Omodos road around 2:20am according to CID Limassol director Lefteris Kyriacou, who said the male employee was alone in the van at the time.

Reports said the hooded men broke the driver’s side window and threw rocks at the vehicle, injuring him in the head before he managed to get away.

Similar incidents have taken place in the past, some with damages and injuries, including shots fired, prompting calls for speed camera vans to be manned by two employees in some situation for extra security.

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