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Your DNA can help create tailored treatments for other Cypriots

Dr. Gregory Papagregoriou of urges more volunteers to give DNA, in order to pave the way for personalized healthcare in Cyprus


The University of Cyprus Biobank, known as, has set an ambitious objective: to establish the Cyprome, a multidimensional database containing the genetic information of Cypriots, accessible to all. Dr. Gregory Papagregoriou, Geneticist and Senior Scientist at the Center of Excellence shared this vision with CNA during an interview marking World DNA Day.

According to Dr. Papagregoriou, the biobank is uniquely positioned to achieve this goal, being the sole institution in Cyprus equipped with the necessary resources and international connections. The Cyprome, he explained, aims to revolutionize genetic research and diagnostics in Cyprus, paving the way for personalized disease treatments.

Crucially, Dr. Papagregoriou highlighted the pivotal role of Cypriot volunteers whose participation in the biobank's activities is instrumental. Their altruistic involvement underscores the importance of collecting genetic data that accurately represents the Cypriot population, ultimately enhancing the country's healthcare policies.

With data from the initial 2000 DNA samples already accessible to researchers, Dr. Papagregoriou emphasized the need for more volunteers to contribute, enriching the genetic landscape of Cyprus. Only through widespread participation can the Cyprome become a significant milestone, marking progress in genetic research and healthcare in Cyprus.

Dr. Papagregoriou underscored the significance of DNA in diagnosing hereditary and non-hereditary diseases, noting the advancements in technology that enable the deciphering of the genetic code. This information, he concluded, holds the potential to drive innovations in disease diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment discovery.

[Source: CNA]

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