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YouTuber mafia boss shakes politics in the north

Turkish ex-con says he has more videos, politician says leaked sex clip was edited on phone bought in south


The Turkish Cypriot political landscape has been shaken to the core after an ex-con mafia boss turned YouTube sensation threatened to release videos starring prominent politicians in private sex encounters.

Dubai-based Turkish mobster Sedat Peker, whose extradition is being sought by Ankara, has been making videos on YouTube targeting the Turkish state and politicians and alleging deep state criminal connections.

But in his latest outburst, Peker has turned his attention to the island where he has been targeting Turkish Cypriot politicians, including Ersan Saner who resigned his post last week after it emerged that a sex video had been making the rounds on social media.

Saner, who was in charge of the executive administration in the north, was seen in a private sex video chat looking at a young woman on the other end. It was understood that he was alone in a room masturbating while looking at the screen.

'Cypriot politicians, those of you who supported a plot against me in Turkey by joining forces with drug lords and illegal bookmakers, you’re toast'

While the unknown female in the video could be seen fully captured in her underwear and teasing with a striptease, the male participant who was only partially captured by the camera appeared to have gone solo until he reached the end of the brief encounter.

Reports said the video began to circulate with a private link prior to the scandal making news but it had been shared so many times until it was picked up by Turkish Cypriot media, prompting Saner to resign.

But Peker, who wants the Turkish government to suspend extradition efforts with UAE, did not stop there.

The Turkish national who is on a temporary visa to the United Arab Emirates after Ankara canceled his passport, also threatened more Turkish Cypriot politicians after saying he had possession of many other videos.

“Cypriot politicians, those of you who supported a plot against me in Turkey by joining forces with drug lords and illegal bookmakers, you’re toast,” Peker wrote on Twitter.

Sexual encounters recorded in hotel rooms - "be very worried"

Peker went on to say that a video library had been passed on to him with footage showing sexual encounters in luxury hotel rooms in the north.

“You all should be very worried, I’ll reveal everything. Those of you with a sense of shame should pack up and leave office,” the YouTuber said.

Peker did not say how he may have obtained videos.

While some reports suggested it could have been the product of hacking, local media reported on rumors that video archives or copies of archives were also believed to be the property of a casino boss in the north.

But in a written statement, Saner spoke of a conspiracy designed to discredit him while also alleging the video had been edited on a mobile phone that was purchased in the Greek Cypriot south.

The former head of UBP said it was “clear that someone wants to prevent me from serving my beloved country, my party,” adding that this was done not through political means.

“I am the target of a defamation campaign with this video, which is a product of edits done through the use of high tech,” Saner said.

A tripartite coalition government put together last December in the north, a breakaway state recognized only by Turkey, has effectively lost majority meaning the administration will need to announce an early election.

Peker, described by some as a whistleblower but also a vengeful ex-con by others, has over a million subscribers on YouTube.

While reports said Peker has fled Turkey to avoid criminal investigation, the latest arrest warrant was understood to have been issued by Turkish authorities on suspected ties with Fethullah Gulen, the US-based preacher blamed by Ankara for a failed coup in 2016.

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