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26.9% increase in tourism revenue compared to last year

Revenues for the period January – July 2023 are estimated at €1,544.7m compared to €1.217,4m in the corresponding period of 2022


The year 2023 is poised to go down in history with remarkable revenue figures, as highlighted in a recent interview with the Deputy Minister and substantiated by the latest tourism revenue data from the Statistical Office. The data reveals that every month in 2023 through July has seen higher tourism revenues compared to the corresponding months in 2022.

From January to July 2023, tourism revenues surged to €1,544.7 million, marking a substantial increase from €1,217.4 million during the same period in 2022.

July 2023 alone witnessed revenues of €454.6 million, a notable rise from the €381.7 million reported in the previous year, reflecting a substantial 19.1% increase.

Expenditure Analysis

According to the Statistical Office, per capita tourist spending in July 2023 averaged €867.96, surpassing the €839.50 spent in July 2022 by 3.4%. Dutch tourists topped the list with the highest per capita expenditure, averaging €1,165.20, while Greek tourists spent the least at €380.56.

British tourists, constituting the largest share of visitors at 33.6% in July 2023, spent an average of €94.23 per day, while Israeli tourists, the second-largest group with 12.4% of the total, spent an average of €135.44 per day. Polish tourists, the third-largest market at 5.5%, spent €78.66 per day.

Lebanese tourists recorded the highest daily spending at €162.52 but had shorter stays, averaging 5.8 days. On the other hand, Greek tourists had the longest average stays at 10.6 days but spent the least per day at €35.90.

Total arrivals in July 2023 surged to 523,718, a significant increase from the 454,657 arrivals in July 2022.

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