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28 individuals facing deportation after Pournara riots

Government takes swift action to uphold hospitality and ensure consequences for violations


In response to threats to public order, Cyprus has issued 28 orders for detention and deportation. The individuals in question will be apprehended from the Pournara area and subsequently transferred to Menoyia for the activation of deportation proceedings in the coming days, as confirmed by Interior Ministry sources following the incidents on Monday.

Interior Minister Constantinos Ioannou emphasized the Republic of Cyprus's commitment to maintaining hospitality and addressing those who fail to respect it. Ioannou made this statement after a meeting with his Spanish counterpart in Madrid.

Ioannou, when asked about the instructions given in light of the events at the Pournara First Reception Centre, declared, "As soon as I was informed of the incidents, I was unequivocal that the asylum applications of all those arrested should be immediately examined and rejected, even if they are eligible for asylum, based on their involvement in incidents."

He further clarified that instructions have been issued for immediate deportation, and additional asylum examiners have been deployed for the accelerated review of asylum applications. The goal is to complete the asylum examination by the afternoon, followed by the transfer of the individuals involved out of Pournara.

Based on information from the police, it is likely that the deportees will be transferred to Menogeia to commence the deportation procedures.

"We are unwavering on this matter. Anyone who fails to respect the hospitality offered by the Republic of Cyprus will face consequences," Interior Minister Ioannou emphasized.

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