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Agreement reached on foreign worker policy

New agreement aims to bolster labor market and improve living conditions of foreign workers


In a significant development, all social partners have come to an agreement regarding the participation of foreign workers in Cyprus' labor market. Labour and Social Partners Minister Yannis Panagiotou announced the breakthrough, highlighting the importance of cooperation among stakeholders in addressing challenges facing the job market.

The agreement, comprising three key points, aims to foster constructive collaboration and enhance the country's workforce. Central to the agreement is a commitment to cooperation among social partners for effective labor market staffing, providing advisory support to the government, and promoting economic development and societal cohesion.

As part of the agreement, a Tripartite Consultative Committee will be established at the central level to facilitate closer cooperation among stakeholders. This committee will focus on improving the living conditions of foreign workers by setting appropriate standards and providing necessary support.

Furthermore, the agreement underscores the importance of utilizing and updating existing strategies for the employment of foreign workers. This includes developing agreed-upon content based on lessons learned from past strategies and anticipating future workforce needs.

Minister Panagiotou emphasized the government's dedication to fostering social dialogue to achieve consensus on economic development and societal cohesion. He praised the seriousness and maturity demonstrated by social partners in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.

The Ministry of Labour specified that the Tripartite Consultative Committee would advise on staffing needs based on work permit requests, domestic human resource availability, and collective labor agreements. Additionally, the agreement seeks to improve living conditions by defining acceptable housing standards and monitoring infrastructure implementation.

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