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Aid ship on track to reach Gaza before noon tomorrow

Smooth progress reported as humanitarian aid mission advances


The World Central Kitchen's vessel, "Open Arms," laden with crucial humanitarian aid bound for Gaza, is proceeding smoothly and is anticipated to reach its destination before noon tomorrow, announced Foreign Ministry spokesman Theodoros Gotsis on Thursday.

Gotsis reassured Cypriots that the ship was navigating without incident and had encountered no obstacles thus far. Additionally, he disclosed that preparations are underway to expedite the departure of a second ship currently docked at the port of Larnaca.

Highlighting recent diplomatic developments, Gotsis emphasized the outcomes of a teleconference among Foreign Ministers, stressing the establishment of a framework and clear commitments. Notably, plans for a joint fund and a forthcoming meeting of senior officials in Nicosia on March 21 to discuss further actions were outlined in a joint statement.

Commenting on the diplomatic efforts behind this mobilization, Gotsis underscored the persistent engagement of the President and Foreign Minister with Israeli and Palestinian counterparts. He also highlighted ongoing dialogues with officials from Egypt, Jordan, the UAE, and other regional countries, as well as representatives from the UN and EU.

Gotsis reiterated Foreign Minister Konstantinos Kombos' emphasis on diplomatic persuasion and coordination to pave the way for increased humanitarian aid deliveries to the beleaguered population in Gaza, as outlined in the 'Amalthea' plan.

As Cyprus continues its diplomatic endeavors, hopes remain high for the successful execution of relief efforts to alleviate the suffering in Gaza.

[Information from CNA]

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