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Cyprus to ''continue and intensify'' humanitarian aid to Gaza (video)

Government Spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis affirms commitment to intensified efforts

Newsroom / CNA

In a press briefing on Tuesday, Government Spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis announced the continuation and intensification of the "Amalthea" humanitarian aid operation for Gaza. The operation aims to bolster the flow of humanitarian aid to the civilian population in Gaza, utilizing an additional tool created by Cyprus. This tool, presented and implemented by the country, seeks collaboration with regional and international actors to ensure the safe transport and distribution of aid via maritime means.

The inaugural effort involves the first aid ship departing from Larnaca port to Gaza, activating the operational mechanisms of the Amalthea Plan, a maritime corridor for humanitarian aid. Letymbiotis highlighted the support from partners, including Greece, as reflected in the Joint Declaration of March 8. He emphasized the acknowledgment and praise from the President of the European Commission, highlighting Cyprus' leadership in the initiative alongside other nations like the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Letymbiotis affirmed ongoing efforts and intensified commitment to strengthening humanitarian aid to Gaza, drawing parallels to the nurturing goddess Amalthea from Greek mythology. The maritime corridor, he stated, symbolizes a thread of life, and the journey has just begun. Cyprus, as an EU member state in the region, took the initiative based on international humanitarian law, leveraging geographical proximity and positive relations with involved parties.

Responding to inquiries about Israel's interest in purchasing a port in Cyprus, Letymbiotis dismissed the claim as unfounded and false, emphasizing the government's focus on meaningful initiatives like "Amalthea" to contribute to the region's stability and showcase the country's capabilities through proper planning and initiatives.

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