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Al Jazeera case to be refiled as court reshuffling halts proceedings

Defendants await re-Indictment as judges are reassigned for new Appeals Court

Newsroom / CNA

Next week, the criminal case related to the Al Jazeera media network's reporting and events surrounding the exceptional naturalization of foreign investors and businessmen will be refiled based on the findings of the Nicolatos Committee, as reported by CNA.

A reliable source has revealed that the case will be registered again on Monday or Tuesday, with the same charges included in the indictment.

Last Wednesday, the Nicosia Criminal Court suspended the case due to the reshuffling of judges to staff the newly created appeals court.

Furthermore, the defendants in the case, including former President of the House of Representatives Dimitris Syllouris, former AKEL MP Christakis Tziovanis, lawyer Andreas Pittatzis, and Antonis Antoniou, a director of Mr. Tziovanis' company, had the case against them temporarily suspended due to the changing of the judge. However, they are expected to face re-indictment and will continue to be associated with the charges.

According to the same source, the process of rewriting the indictments is currently underway and is expected to be completed early next week for submission to the court.

However, the source mentioned that the proceedings are not anticipated to commence before September 2023.

Withdrawal and reassignment rationale

During last Wednesday's court proceedings, it was stated that the case could not proceed due to the reshuffling of judges. Therefore, it was deemed necessary to stay the case and re-register it for a new hearing.

The current court composition will change on June 30 following the appointment of judges for the newly established Court of Appeal, which was announced in January. Among those appointed is Stavros Stavrou, who will serve as the Chair of the Criminal Courts. The Court of Appeal is expected to commence operations on July 1, 2023.

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