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Weather update: Isolated showers and dust expected

Weekend forecast indicates increasing clouds and cooler temperatures

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The Meteorological Service has predicted isolated showers and thunderstorms in the mountains and interior today, accompanied by occasional dust in the atmosphere. The temperature is expected to reach up to 34 degrees Celsius inland.

Today's Weather:

Partly cloudy conditions are anticipated, with light showers initially in the west. As the day progresses, isolated showers or thunderstorms are expected in the afternoon, primarily in the mountains and inland areas. Winds will start off variable and light, gradually shifting to southwest to northwest, generally moderate. The sea will be slightly rough. Temperature-wise, the inland regions will see highs of 34 degrees, while the south, east coasts, and rest of the coast will experience temperatures around 30 degrees, and the higher mountains will reach 23 degrees.

Evening Weather:

The evening will be mainly clear, although some areas may experience increasing low clouds. Winds will predominantly be northwesterly, light to locally moderate. The sea will be calm to slightly choppy, with the west and north regions experiencing a little choppiness. Temperatures will drop to 19 degrees inland, around 21 degrees on the coast, and 16 degrees in the higher mountains.

Weekend Outlook:

Over the weekend and on Monday, expect mainly clear conditions in the beginning, but increasing clouds in the afternoon, which may bring isolated showers or thunderstorms, primarily in the mountains and inland areas. As the days progress, temperatures will gradually decrease and fall below average for this time of year.

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