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Former Bishop of Kition files appeal against court's decision

One the the grounds for his appeal is that he was not given the right to a fair trial

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Today, an appeal is expected to be filed by the lawyer of the former Bishop of Kition after he was convicted last week of indecent assault against a woman who was a minor at the time of the incident.

Reports indicate that lawyer Yannis Polychronis was instructed by ex-Bishop Chrysostomos of Kition to examine the case and prepare an appeal.

It is reported that 12 grounds for appeal have been drafted.

One of the main arguments in the appeal is that the former Metropolitan of Kition's "right to a fair trial" was violated due to the significant time gap between the alleged offense and the trial (42 years later). This has made it impossible for the ex-Metropolitan to examine crucial witnesses who have either passed away or cannot recall the events. Additionally, important witnesses for the defense could not be brought forward due to their passing or health issues.

Furthermore, it will be asserted that evidence such as testimonies, documents, photographs, and the site's layout has been tampered with or destroyed over the course of 42 years.

Therefore, the argument will be made that the former Kition Bishop did not receive a fair trial once the legal proceedings began.

It is important to note that the presumption of innocence remains in effect until the final adjudication of the case.

It is worth noting that the former Bishop of Kition was found guilty on May 15 for the indecent assault of a woman in 1981 when she was 16 years and 8 months old at the Kition Metropolis.

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