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All samples from hospital contacts of coronavirus carrying doctor negative

A sum of 152 blood samples taken from contacts of the 64-year-old state doctor tested negative for the virus


All 152 samples taken from the contacts of the 64-year-old state doctor who tested positive for coronavirus emerged negative for the virus, the Health Ministry announced Tuesday evening.

“All samples (152) taken yesterday from the contacts of the coronavirus case at the hospital (patients, medical staff, nurses, other staff, and close family environment) are negative,” the Health Ministry said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou said that samples taken on Monday from those believed to have been in contact with the head of Cardiac Surgery at Nicosia General Hospital, Chrysostomos Kokkinos, who tested positive for COVID-19, are not exhaustive. 

Ioannou stressed that the number of samples that will be taken is far higher than those sent for tests on Monday, as the roughly 150 samples were only from people on the hospital grounds.

Ministry Helpline overwhelmed by caller

Due to the surge in calls to the Health Ministry Helpline (1420) tasked with receiving calls from people who believe they show coronavirus symptoms, the Health Ministry and Ambulance Service has urged the public to avoid using the number unless they seek to report symptoms, as the Helpline does not serve informational purposes.

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