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Cyprus scrambles to contain coronavirus risk

Army camp and police station under quarantine after soldier and detainee show symptoms


A police station and an army camp in Nicosia went under quarantine on Sunday following two suspected cases of the coronavirus, with health officials on the edge of their seat waiting for lab test results for over 30 individuals.

According to local media, a Greek Cypriot soldier who recently traveled to Greece was quarantined on Sunday after showing symptoms of the coronavirus. The young soldier had gone on a trip to Greece recently where he also spent three days on a visit to Patras, where there have been confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

After flying back to Cyprus, he returned to his army camp in Athalassa, Nicosia district, where he showed symptoms, prompting military officers to take isolation measures based on the soldier’s contacts.

Another man, who also traveled to Patras and was being held in a police cell in Nicosia, was also suspected for the coronavirus. The man who was being held at Omorfita police station after being arrested for importing illegal fireworks, was placed under quarantine by health officials.

Officials were waiting Monday on new lab test results in over 30 suspected cases of the coronavirus, while no COVID-19 has been confirmed on the island

According to the Cyprus News Agency, the disinfection of the police station has been completed, while a total of 28 individuals, mostly police officers and also including lawyers, were sent home pending lab test results. Unconfirmed reports said people at the Nicosia courthouse could also be among individuals affected by the overall incident.

Other media reported that The University Of Patras, where hundreds of Cypriot students are registered, had already suspended classes for two weeks according to reports, while nine medical students had contact with a confirmed case.

Last week another soldier, a Greek national serving in the Greek forces stationed on the island, was also quarantined upon returning to Cyprus from a trip to Greece after he was contacted by his mother with the news that she had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Cypriot health officials said they were waiting Monday on new lab test results in over 30 suspected cases of the coronavirus, while no COVID-19 has been confirmed on the island as of Sunday night.

The Cypriot government says it has taken all precautions and is doing all it can to prevent a potential coronavirus spread on the divided island, including a controversial decision to close a number of checkpoints between north and south.

Protests against the checkpoint closings were set to continue on Monday, while the President’s Cabinet is expected to decide on Tuesday whether to extend the closures or reopen the crossings in the divided island’s buffer zone.

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