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Allegations of forced population shift amidst Gaza offensive

Despite Qatar's mediation efforts, ceasefire discussions remain diminishing


In a recent development, an Israeli government spokesperson, Eylon Levy, vehemently denied what he termed as ''outrageous and false'' allegations.

As Euronews reports, these accusations, made by Philippe Lazzarini, the commissioner-general of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, assert that Israel is orchestrating a deliberate attempt to clear Gaza's Palestinian population through a combination of military actions and evacuation orders.

Lazzarini's concerns were underscored in an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times, where he pointed to unfolding developments suggesting an effort to relocate Palestinians, irrespective of their final destination.

The gravity of these claims was echoed by Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi, who, during a conference in Doha, Qatar, accused Israel of a systematic endeavor to depopulate Gaza.

As the military offensive intensifies, the Israeli army announced on Monday that 101 soldiers have lost their lives since the campaign's commencement on October 27. The escalation includes a ground offensive, marked by increased airstrikes and artillery fire.

Despite Qatar's persistent mediation efforts, the willingness to engage in ceasefire discussions appears to be diminishing.

This comes against the backdrop of international outrage following the staggering toll of over 17,700 Palestinians killed in Gaza, with approximately two-thirds being women and children, according to the Hamas-controlled Health Ministry.

Gaza is grappling with severe humanitarian crises as around 90% of its 2.3 million people are displaced within the besieged territory.

The limited access to humanitarian aid exacerbates shortages of essential resources, including food, water, and other basic goods. The situation has reached a critical point, raising urgent concerns on the global stage.

[With information sourced from Euronews]

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