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Almost half of Cypriots unable to shoulder cost of one-week vacation

Cyprus ranked fourth worst in Eurostat statistics for 2019, with 45% of Cypriots unable to afford a week-long holiday


Almost one in two Cypriots above the age of 16 is unable to shoulder the cost of a week-long vacation away from home, ranking Cyprus in the 4th worst position among EU member states, Eurostat figures for 2019 showed.

The EU-wide average of those unable to enjoy a week-long holiday away from home was 29%.

The five countries with the highest number of those unable to shoulder the cost of a week’s vacation were recorded in Romania (54%), Greece (49%), Croatia (48%), Cyprus (45%), and Italy (44%).

Countries faring better off were Sweden (10%), Denmark and Luxembourg which tied with 11%, and Germany and Austria, where 13% said they were unable to pay for a one week vacation.

Compared to 2010, the portion of people unable to pay for a week-long vacation away from home decreased across all member states except Italy and Greece, with the sharpest decreases recorded in Latvia, Malta, Bulgaria, Poland, and Estonia.


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