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An attack on Ecuadorian live TV sparks national crisis

President Noboa declares gangs as terrorist organizations amid escalating violence


A dramatic attack unfolded in Ecuador as armed men stormed a TV station during a live broadcast in Guayaquil, leading to the arrest of 13 individuals. The incident coincided with a wave of violence across Ecuador, prompting President Daniel Noboa to label 22 gangs as terrorist groups.

The assault on the TV station, TC, was broadcast for approximately 20 minutes, displaying a scene of chaos. Gunshots and confrontations ensued, leaving some staff injured. Police later arrived, rescuing the employees and arresting the assailants. Authorities also reported several kidnappings of police officers and multiple explosions in different regions of the country.

President Noboa, who recently declared a state of emergency due to prison violence and gang activity, escalated the government's response by designating nearly two dozen gangs as military targets. The violence is perceived as a reaction to Noboa's plans to construct a high-security prison for gang leaders.

International reactions poured in, with Peru declaring an emergency along its border with Ecuador, and countries like Brazil, Colombia, and Chile expressing support for Noboa's government. Meanwhile, China, a significant investor in Ecuador, temporarily closed its embassy and consulates.

The escalating violence has led to public skepticism about Noboa's ability to curb the crisis. Amid the unrest, Ecuador's sovereign bonds experienced a decline in value, reflecting growing concerns about the country's stability.

[Information sourced from and Reuters]

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