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Anastasiades says guarantees cannot be part of solution

Cyprus president says the treaty of guarantees is anachronistic for a modern EU member state


President Nicos Anastasiades says there can be no solution to the Cyprus problem if a settlement includes guarantees, adding that France is sending a similar message.

Anastasiades, who spoke with local reporters Thursday at the French Ambassador’s residence, was asked about Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ meeting that day with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara.

The president said he wanted Tsipras to relay Nicosia’s commitment to adhering fully with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ vision, citing “there could be no continuation of anachronistic guarantee treaties, especially for an EU member state.”

Anastasiades also said he believed French Ambassador René Troccaz had a similar “strong” message.

Troccaz, who welcomed guests at the French Ambassador’s residence to celebrate Bastille Day, said his country believes that the European Union is the best guarantee for reunited Cyprus.

“We believe that the settlement of the Cyprus problem is in the interest of all Cypriots. We want to look ahead to the future. For a reunited State, member of the EU, the best guarantee is Europe,” Troccaz said.

The issue of guarantees has been hotly debated between the two sides on the divided island, with Greek Cypriots refusing to accept what they see as anathema to their community and Turkish Cypriots insisting on Turkey providing security to their smaller numbers.

Greece, one of the three guarantor powers, said it did not wish to keep that role with the United Kingdom suggesting it would accept any agreement between the two sides and Turkey insisting on having a role in Cyprus’ security.

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