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Anastasiades warns against new faits accomplis

After the Geneva summit came to a close with the worst case scenario, the Cyprus President said he was happy with how the UN handled claims for a two-state solution


Despite talks in Geneva coming to an unsuccessful end after the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced he failed to find common ground among parties, President Nicos Anastasiades lauded the successful management of the summit on the part of Guterres and the Greek Cypriot representation.

Speaking after the informal summit wrapped up, Anastasiades asked that new faits accomplis are avoided, stressing that “a potential attempt to create new faits accomplish either on land or at sea will constitute a reason for non-participation in the Secretary-General’s efforts, not due to the Secretary-General but due to Turkey’s actions.”

Announcing that common ground was not found, Guterres said the United Nations would make a fresh attempt in “probably two or three months.” The announcement was welcomed by the EU and the UK.

Anastasiades said he was satisfied because Guterres maintained what he saw to be an incredible stance and was crystal clear toward the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey that their claim for a two-state solution can in no way be recognised by the UN or the EU.

“I believe that given the circumstances, and taking into account the claims of the other side, there was successful management on the part of the Secretary-General and our side, so that Turkey does not achieve its goals,” Anastasiades said.

The President assured that the Greek Cypriot side will continue working with the same consistency to find a solution that will reunify Cyprus on the basis of a bi-zonal, bicommunal federation (BBF), safeguarding the human rights of the entirety of Cyprus’ population, and that won’t ignore that Cyprus is and will continue to be an EU member state.

Anastasiades said a BBF solution remains the only solution framework that can constitute the continuation of the Republic of Cyprus and provide prospects of wellbeing and peaceful co-habitation among both communities.

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