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Animal hotel's daring rescue amid Alassa blaze

Quick action from animal hotel's staff and volunteers prevent tragedy for 54 animals

Pavlos Neophytos

The evacuation process of the animal hotel in Paramytha during the swift Alassa fire's approach on Sunday afternoon was recounted to K by those involved. Situated in a narrow ravine near the Paramytha-Agrou road, the facility could have turned into a deadly trap for the staff and 54 animals it sheltered if not for the swift actions of the team and volunteers from Limassol who rushed to help. The Fire Service's presence also limited the damage.

Ann Robson, an employee, described the situation around 6 p.m. as dogs and cats grew anxious due to the smoke and fumes. "We had to act quickly due to the discomfort and animals' safety," she said. The premises' cages have been open since Sunday afternoon, and efforts are underway to clear ashes for reopening. Flames came close to breaching the fence, and the threat was imminent that night. "Smoke was everywhere, and the fire was encroaching from the hills as we evacuated the last animals," Ann added. "We swiftly moved the dogs and cats to a Limassol animal clinic, utilizing both volunteer vehicles and our van."After 17 years working in the business, Anne Robson is connected to the area. "Here you could see plants, birds, foxes," he says. "And now; It's sad".

Ginger the cat went missing

Hotel official Andrea Horaitis stated that after transporting the animals to the clinic, they verified their good health. However, upon counting, it was discovered that Ginger, a cat, was absent. On Tuesday morning, Ginger was located on the premises and is reported to be in good health.Photo posted on Tuesday morning on Social Media when Ginger the cat was spotted on the hotel grounds.

"Here you saw plants, birds, foxes"

 "Once full of plants, birds, and foxes, now a crab landscape," Ann remarks as she gestures towards the surrounding hills. Having worked in the business for 17 years, she feels a strong connection to the area. "Here you could see plants, birds, foxes," she says. However, she wonders aloud, "And now? It's sad."

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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