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App offers alcohol calculator for drivers

Cypriot study busts alcohol myths and warns drivers of greater risks when mixing drugs with booze


A recent study is back on the news following many accidents and road safety campaigns, busting myths about driving under the influence and helping drivers get a better grip on substance abuse.

According to Cyprus News Agency (CNA), a the third edition of a manual back in November spells out essential information that the public and young drivers in particular ought to know before getting behind the wheel.

The study, which is a collaborative effort by state agencies and the government, lists alcohol abuse and then drug abuse as the two most dangerous substances while a combination raises the risk even further.

Men could have up to two drinks prior to operating a motor vehicle while women up to one

Officials who wrote the manual made an attempt to translate state law into practical examples, such as clarifying that one glass of wine 150ml, one beer 330ml, or 50ml of either whiskey, vodka, cognac, ouzo, and zivania are all considered “one drink” adding that men could have up to two drinks prior to operating a motor vehicle while women up to one.

Specifically, most adult drivers would be within the legal limit if alcohol in their breath registers below 22μg/dl or 50μg/dl for blood alcohol level. The study estimates that men could only have up to two drinks prior to operating a motor vehicle while women could have only one. Stricter rules apply for professional or younger drivers.

Debunking alcohol myths

The study also debunks several myths about alcohol, such as dismissing coffee as a way to rid of alcohol more quickly. It is possible that a cold shower or coffee could help reduce sleeplessness but only time can make someone get over a hangover. The same goes for water, with the manual busting the myth that drinking water can help reduce alcohol in the blood. No matter how much water a driver can drink, alcohol levels remain unaffected according to the study.

Another myth busted involved the experience of drivers, with experts finding that even professional race car drivers are affected by alcohol while even a moderate drinking could falsely boost someone’s confidence while at the same time reduce his or her abilities and reflexes.

Cannabis was second on the list as the most dangerous substance abuse factor, with the study saying that this could affect vision, judgment, memory, movement coordination, and reflexes. Other drugs such as meth, ecstasy, and cocaine could also cause distractions and optical illusions.

The risk associated with marijuana in combination with alcohol appears to be greater than that for either drug by itself, according to the manual.

Alcohol calculator app

The study also offers a link to an app developed to create awareness and personal responsibility among people regarding drinking and driving.

The Ask-4-Alcocheck is an application developed by Frederick University Cyprus and includes an alcohol calculator, described as “a safe and easy to use way to check blood alcohol content.”

App users will need to input some information such as gender, weight, and duration of drinking, as well as the number of drinks they consumed in order to get an estimated about their physical condition, the amount of alcohol in their blood stream and whether they may be capable of driving.

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