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Arcade cannabis trial pushed back

Lab tests ordered on cannabis hidden inside arcade game, suspect locked up until next hearing


A Greek man, who was arrested in Limassol in connection with cannabis hidden inside an arcade game, is ready to plead guilty to charges but not before the class of the drugs can be scientifically ascertained.

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The defendant, a 53-year-old Greek national, was arrested on October 31 when cops discovered approximately 64 kilos of cannabis hidden inside an arcade game in a Limassol warehouse.

The defendant’s lawyer told the judge on Wednesday that his client was ready to admit to the charges, including conspiracy to commit a felony, illegal use of drugs, making illegal gains, as well as import possession of class B drugs with an intent of distribution.

The suspect initially told investigators the cannabis, 63 kilos and 700 grams, was destined for his own private use but cops were unconvinced

The court has set a new hearing for 25 January 2019 in order for lab tests to evaluate the purity of the drug.

The suspect had initially told investigators the cannabis, 63 kilos and 700 grams, was destined for his own private use but cops were unconvinced. He later reportedly divulged the names of other individuals possibly connected with the case.

According to police, the defendant said he was expected to receive €18,000 if he was to import the drugs from Salonika, Greece.

Police are still looking for the owner of a food supply company, a 54-year-old Greek national, who is still wanted for questioning in the case. He allegedly rented the warehouse in Agios Athanasios where the drugs were found.

The 53-year-old defendant will head back to his cell at Central Prisons until the next hearing.

Quantity of THC can have legal ramifications in trials

Cannabis, also known as marijuana among other names, is a psychoactive drug which is classified as a Class B drug in Cyprus. Offences relating to class B drugs are less severe both in fines and jail time, compared to class A drugs.

Cannabis flowers and extracts usually contain the two cannabinoids THC and CBD, but the percentage of each can vary greatly, by plant variety and by growing technique. THC can cause intoxicating effects, while CBD has been associated with health benefits. The precise quantity of THC can have legal ramifications in trials.

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