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Are Famagusta restaurants pricing fairly?

Association urges vigilance and feedback for improvement


The Association of Famagusta Recreation Centres has stated in response to recent reports criticizing the prices of restaurants in the district. They argue that these complaints are unjust and unfounded, accusing them of targeting their province unjustly, especially in the lead-up to the August holidays when both Cypriot and foreign tourists plan their visits.

The association emphasizes that the complaints made by the unidentified complainant lack knowledge and legal backing. They assert that the prices of goods and services in their province are strictly regulated and publicly displayed. Before customers even enter any establishment, the price lists are posted and sealed at the entrance, complying with the law set by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism. Furthermore, customers are handed another price list before ordering, ensuring full transparency.

The Association explains that there is no price cap, as each restaurant has the freedom to set its prices depending on the offerings and category. This means that prices can vary significantly between different establishments. The restaurants in the region undergo regular inspections by the State Ministry of Tourism, which review and approve their price lists for the year. However, the Association highlights the challenges faced by restaurants due to rising costs, such as increased raw material prices, electricity, and gas costs, impacting their profits.

To address concerns about illegal practices, the Association urges customers to report any catering center without a prominently displayed price list at the entrance or failing to provide one upon ordering. Such establishments could face immediate closure by the State Ministry of Tourism. If customers notice a discrepancy between the prices listed and those on the bill, they are encouraged to report it as fraud.

The Association appeals to holidaymakers to read the price lists at the entrance before entering any eating establishment, ensuring they choose a place that fits their budget. They emphasize that there are plenty of options available, catering to various preferences and budgets.

The statement concludes with a request for understanding and feedback from customers, acknowledging that they work tirelessly in challenging weather conditions day and night. They express gratitude towards Cypriot and foreign tourists for their continued support and promise to provide the best service and culinary experiences possible.

In summary, the Association of Famagusta Recreation Centres is defending the pricing practices of restaurants in their district, asserting that prices are lawfully displayed and regulated. They encourage customers to be vigilant and report any illegal practices while promising to continue providing top-notch service to tourists and locals alike.

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