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Authorities on alert as 264 migrant arrivals spike in Cyprus

Cyprus struggles with escalating migrant arrivals from Lebanon


According to sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 40 individuals arrived on Saturday, followed by 224 on Sunday, in two separate boats carrying 142 and 82 people.

These arrivals are predominantly Syrians who reached Cyprus from Lebanon. Additionally, there are reports of a significant number of individuals planning to travel to Cyprus.

In response to this surge in arrivals, authorities conducted operations to apprehend human traffickers, resulting in the arrest of 10 individuals. Further investigations are underway based on gathered information.

These developments have triggered a heightened state of concern among the Republic of Cyprus authorities.

The situation in the region is exerting pressure due to irregular migrant arrivals, simultaneously limiting the capacity for comprehensive and coordinated controls, particularly by the Lebanese authorities to prevent these boat journeys.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has issued directives, and all relevant agencies are on high alert and coordinating their efforts. However, it must be emphasized that available resources and infrastructure are not limitless, and both the KEPY Pournara and other centers have their capacity constraints.

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