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Averof calls on government to abolish Cyprus Flight Pass from 1 April

The move, he claims, will mitigate the effects of reduced tourist arrivals from Russia and Ukraine

Source: Announcement

The President of the DISY, Mr. Averof Neophytou, had successive meetings with the political leadership and tourism organizations today, with the aim of coordinating the efforts to deal with the consequences of the war in Ukraine.

Mr. Neophytou met with the Deputy Minister of Tourism Mr. Savvas Perdios, the President of PASYXE, Mr. Harry Loizidis, the President of STEK Mr. Akis Vavlitis and the President of the Association of Travel Agents to discuss the impact of the decreasing arrivals of tourists from Russia and Ukraine and how to mitigate the consequences through a diversification strategy and other possible alternatives.

Mr. Neophytou stressed that Cyprus will emerge victorious from this crisis as well. With the upgrading of Cyprus' tourist services and the fact that Cyprus is known as a great tourist destination, this alone will contribute decisively to finding alternatives to the reduction of arrivals from Ukraine and Russia.

As part of the strategy, Mr. Neophytou proposed to the government to consider the abolition of the Cyprus Flight Pass from April 1st, thereby removing another bureaucratic obstacle to tourist inflows. At the same time, any restrictive measures on tourist movements or activities should be abolished, with the exception of high-risk areas.

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