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EU bans all Russian owned aircraft from EU airspace, private and commercial

Russian Central Bank assets frozen, Belarus sanctions

Shemaine Bushnell Kyriakides

EC President Ursula von der Leyen announced today a ban on all Russian-owned aircraft, including commercial airlines and private jets owned by oligarchs.

Zelensky and the Ukrainians - "an inspiration for all of us" -von der Leyen

In a press conference held today with EU Foreign Policy Chief Joseph Borrell at 1840 local time, she announced the move along with a ban on Russian media companies working in the EU, specifically the Sputnik and RT news agencies and its subsidiaries, in order to "put a stop to the toxic and harmful disinformation being reported by Russian media in Europe".

She also targeted Lukashenko, saying that Export restrictions were to be imposed on Belarus and Belarussians helping the war effort.

Moreover, she announced the freezing of assets of the Russian Central Bank in Europe and accounts of Russian oligarchs.  Joseph Borell likened it to "cutting the snake off at the neck".

In her closing statement, she praised Ukrainian President Zelensky for his bravery and commended the Ukrainians for their determination and perseverance saying that they were "an inspiration for all of us".

She also noted that all refugees were welcome into the EU and lauded the Europeans for assisting those who had crossed the border.


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