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Belgian ride sends riders flying, caught on video

Shocking malfunction flings passengers into the air at La Hestre park

Source: NY Breaking

A fairground ride in Belgium has left three people in critical condition after safety bars malfunctioned, sending riders violently flying out of their seats.

The spinning ride at the Ducasse Fair in the village of La Hestre, a suburb of Manage in southwestern Belgium, was seen as the seven riders were flung from their seats and fell several feet as smoke and steam billowed out, sending onlookers were heard screaming shocked and horrified. panic.

Bruno Pozzoni, the mayor of Manage, said hours after the incident on Sunday night that all seven people, who were conscious when emergency services treated them at the scene, suffered injuries.

Belgian news program RTL info reported that the youngest victim, a 10-year-old girl, is currently in a serious but stable condition at the nearby Saint-Luc Hospital after suffering multiple injuries.

“She’s out of danger. It’s polytrauma, she’s still being monitored, but she’s out of danger,” the mayor told the program.

Smoke and steam was seen emanating from the ride just before seven people were thrown off it

“One person is still in a worrying condition, it is a young girl admitted to hospital in Tivoli for whom there is a follow-up. Three of the victims have had surgery and are in the orthopedic department.

“One has been released and one person is in psychological distress and is being supported by psychologists to try to reduce his trauma,” he added.

The mayor said the investigation into the incident is ongoing and added that the fairgrounds may remain open as the investigation progresses.

“The question came in depth and we felt, in conversations with various specialists, that people should keep talking about it, not lock themselves in at home and stick to the event.

“That also allows us to meet them and refer them to our listening cell as many witnesses were present. Some of it was captured, but in the drama that unfolded, many moved away from the place and today we are trying to bring back all these witnesses who suffered psychological trauma,” added Bruno.

The mayor later said in a Facebook post that some events at the fair, including a fireworks display, had been canceled out of respect for the victims.

MailOnline has contacted the show’s organizers for comment.

The incident comes just weeks after a 22-metre-tall British roller coaster left eight people dangling for ‘at least half an hour’.

Horrified onlookers watched as emergency services raced to reach the top of the Rage ride at Adventure Island in Southend, Essex.

Footage shows one of the cars dangling vertically off the track as the drivers look to the sky.

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