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Benefit payments: Ministry allows paper applications after server failure

Applications for childbirth allowance and statutory pension can also be submitted in paper form by post or at the local offices of the Social Insurance Services

The Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance has issued a response to the recent issue of their websites being temporarily down on Monday. The Ministry has informed the public that payments can still be made by cheque or cash at their local District Social Insurance Offices.

In an official statement, the Ministry has stated that due to the problem, payment of contributions through the SISnet internet service is temporarily unavailable. This has also impacted the electronic submission of applications for benefits such as unemployment, sickness, maternity, childbirth, and statutory pension benefits, as well as the "ERGANI" Information System for the electronic recruitment of employers.

The Ministry has further mentioned that the registration and renewal of signatures for unemployed individuals can still be done in person at their local Public Employment Service offices and Social Insurance Services offices.

Once the system is back online, applications for sickness and maternity benefits can be submitted electronically without any impact on the applicant's entitlements. For those applying for childbirth allowance and statutory pension benefits, paper forms can be submitted by post or in person at local Social Security Offices.

Lastly, the Ministry has confirmed that the "ERGANI" system will be updated with the start date of employment for new recruits once the fault has been fixed.

[Information from CNA]

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