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Bomb goes off outside medical centre

Nicosia police stop short of speculating about motives in bomb attack against medical facility


A bomb went off outside a medical centre in Nicosia in the wee hours Monday morning, with police saying high explosives were used in the incident.

According to police, an explosion and ensuing fire took place Monday early morning around 1:30am outside an establishment on Strovolos Avenue in Nicosia.

Additional media reports said the explosion took place outside Dikteon Medical Center in Strovolos.

Police spokesperson Christos Andreou said on Monday that fire fighters rushed to the scene and were able to contain the fire. Investigators then determined that a high explosives device had been placed at the entrance of the building owned by a 47-year-old male.

Security camera footage from the area was expected to shed some light on the incident, with officials saying CID Nicosia was investigating but stopping short of speculating about any motives.

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