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Both sides of Cyprus not making the resumption of crossings easy

The Turkish Cypriot administration only allowed certain groups to cross, while the Republic wants its citizens to show a costly new PCR test every three days


The Turkish Cypriot administration on Sunday appeared to be sticking to allowing just Greek Cypriot enclaved and Maronites living in the north to cross through checkpoints, despite a decision taken Friday by the Republic of Cyprus to allow all groups of Cyprus nationals and legal residents of the island to cross through from Sunday.

But the government of the Republic hasn’t made it easy for its citizens to cross through to the north, as all groups barring those who have been allowed to cross through checkpoints since June 9 must show a negative coronavirus test that was taken up to 72 hours prior to crossing every time they cross.

This would mean that a Greek Cypriot living in the Republic and wishing to cross to the north every day, would need to pay heavy sums for a new coronavirus test every three days.

Those groups that were permitted to cross through checkpoints since June 9, including Turkish Cypriots living in the north but working in the south, enclaved and other Greek Cypriots living in their villages in the north, only have to show proof of a negative coronavirus test upon their first crossing.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, the Ayios Dometios checkpoint saw little traffic, and the one at Ledra Palace saw even less.

The majority of those that crossed were Turkish Cypriots living in the north but working in the south, as from Sunday they were able to cross freely through checkpoints without having to spend two weeks in quarantine upon returning to the north.

A recent decision by the ‘cabinet’ in the north said that on Sunday it would lift the quarantine rule for Turkish Cypriots living in the north but working in the south, students, patients receiving treatment in medical institutions in the Republic, and Turkish Cypriot residents of Pyla. Therefore, these groups could from Sunday cross through the divide on a daily basis if they show a negative PCR test upon their first crossing.

The CNA reported that though authorities in the north allow certain groups of Greek Cypriots to cross, including the enclaved and members of the Maronite community, some were denied passage as they showed PCR tests that detailed the results in Greek instead of English.

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