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Cabinet favors return to pre-lockdown rules

Decisions expected for post-lockdown rules but many last-minute unknowns still in the mix


Government and health advisors in the Republic of Cyprus are looking into the possibility of returning to pre-lockdown measures against COVID-19, but surprises are not ruled out during a week of many unknowns.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, the pandemic advisory committee and administration officials are scrambling this week to prepare for post-lockdown measures on May 10.

CNA reported that the most favorable scenario after the current lockdown ends on Sunday, Cyprus would return on May 10 to the same measures and relaxations that were in force before the lockdown was imposed late last month.

The next couple of days will be decisive in presenting a clearer picture in terms of virus spread in the community as well as hospital admissions.

The next couple of days will be decisive in presenting a clearer picture in terms of virus spread in the community as well as hospital admissions

The President’s Cabinet is set to convene Wednesday evening 6:30pm when the latest epidemiological data will be presented for discussion, along with views and recommendations by the advisory committee who submitted proposals in writing on Tuesday.

CNA also said changes at the last minute could not be ruled out, with an official announcement expected by Sunday.

But statements could also be made as early as Wednesday evening “after the Cabinet meeting in order to help students and professionals prepare,” according to CNA sources.

CNA also said the Cabinet would decide Wednesday on whether students will return to school, with two options on the table. In one possible scenario, all students would return to class on Monday, May 10, with a second option providing for the return only of high school seniors and all other grades back a week later.

Other issues expected to be cleared after the Cabinet meeting included restrictions on movement and the use of SMS for legitimate outings, which was expected to be two messages daily along with night curfew with a start time possibly pushed back a couple of hours.

Another controversial issue involves whether a decision can be made on whether citizens and permanent residents can stay at local hotels when businesses re-open. Current restrictions only allow foreign non-resident visitors to check in for business or leisure.

The positivity rate remained high after relaxations during Holy Week in the Republic of Cyprus, with experts saying a clearer picture would be available 7 to 10 days after Easter Sunday.

Five patients infected with COVID-19 died in hospital Tuesday, with two of them having no vaccination history against the virus. A day earlier, on Easter Monday, the Republic of Cyprus hit a new record with the deaths of seven patients, three of whom had been vaccinated.

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