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Cap on purchases of antiseptic products enforced by several supermarkets

Though supermarkets still hold adequate stocks, the measure is being enforced to avoid the worst


The Cyprus supermarket association said on Monday it was scrambling to persuade all supermarkets to enforce a cap on the amount of antiseptic products that may be purchased by each consumer in a bid to prevent the impending depletion of stocks.

President of the association Andreas Hadjiadamou told the Cyprus News Agency that shelves hosting antiseptic products are left empty by the end of each day in several supermarkets, which re-stock the following day.

Hadjiadamou noted that there are still adequate stocks of antiseptic products, though due to an excessive surge in demand, a cap may be enforced to avoid the worst.

“We have already given instructions for the adoption of this measure by as many supermarkets as possible. The aim is enforce this measure,” Hadjiadamou said.

“If we see that this trend continues through this week, be sure that we will do everything possible so that all supermarkets enforce this measure,” Hadjiadamou stressed, urging consumers to only purchase antiseptic products in the amounts they truly need so that others are not deprived of the necessary products.

Regarding all supermarket items, Hadjiadamou said “there are enough stocks to last for quite a long time,” particularly as regards local products such as meat, fruit, and vegetables.

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