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Christodoulidis to be expelled from DISY party

The former minister has been cut from the party for running as an independent against DISY president Averof Neophytou

Marina Economides

Marina Economides

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs and independent candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Nicos Christodoulidis, is effectively no longer a member of the DISY party. According to Kathimerini's sources, the executive office of DISY will inform the political office of the party in the afternoon that by declaring himself an independent candidate for the office of the President of Cyprus, Nicos Christodoulidis has precluded himself from the party and, by extension, expelled.

"K" had revealed that in a session of the executive office of DISY, three issues had been put up for discussion with regard to the status of Nicos Christodoulides as a DISY party member.

1. To officially leave the party as soon as possible

2. To expel other party officials who support Mr. Christodoulides' presidential bid

3. To discuss the matter after the elections which is a more appropriate time

In the executive office on Tuesday morning, the decision was made to inform the party that Nicos Christodoulidis with his actions, that is to say, when he declared himself an independent presidential candidate, consequently making the President of DISY his opponent, is no longer a member of the DISY party. The removal of other executives who support Mr. Christodoulides was rejected during the discussion.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]


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