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Clear skies and thunderstorms looming on horizon

Island weather rollercoaster ahead


In a weather update for the island, today promises clear skies and temperatures ranging from 0 degrees on the coast to 10 degrees in the higher mountains. However, a twist is in the forecast as the week progresses.

According to the Met Office, Thursday will see the arrival of a low-pressure system, initially bringing isolated showers. As the day progresses, these weather phenomena are set to intensify, unleashing local showers and isolated thunderstorms.

Brace for a slight temperature dip, aligning with seasonal averages.

Clear skies with winds shifting from northeast to southwest, temperatures hitting around 20 degrees inland and on the coast, and approximately 10 degrees in the higher mountains.

Continued clear weather with northwest to northeast winds, temperatures dropping to around 7 degrees inland, 11 on the east coast, 9 on the rest of the coast, and a chilly 3 degrees in the higher mountains, where frost may form locally.

Wednesday's Outlook: Mainly clear during the day with increased high and later medium clouds in the evening. Temperatures remain stable, staying just above seasonal levels.

Thursday's Transition: The onset of a low-pressure system introduces isolated showers in the afternoon, intensifying into local showers and isolated thunderstorms. Expect a slight temperature decrease, aligning with seasonal norms.

Friday's Forecast: Anticipate isolated showers and thunderstorms, with temperatures holding close to the seasonal average.

Stay weather-aware as the island experiences a dynamic shift in conditions over the next few days.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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