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Coast guard seizes catch of the day

Cyprus coast guard officers fine captain of foreign boat for fishing illegally in EEZ


Another boat has been caught fishing without a licence off the coast of Cyprus, as local coast guard officers increase efforts to target illegal activities beyond territorial waters.

According to local media, the captain of a fishing vessel -from a country that was not named- has been fined €8500 after coast guard officers discovered fishing gear and equipment on his boat, along with a catch totaling 1290 kilos worth over €25,000 based on market prices.

State authorities were on high alert over recent incidents where foreign vessels were caught fishing in a manner that contravened fisheries regulations

Reports said the entire catch was caught illegally and it was confiscated in order to be sold at fish market auctions.

Marine law enforcement officers had been stepping up their efforts recently to disrupt unlawful fishing expeditions within the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus.

State authorities were on high alert over previous incidents, as recent as earlier this week and last month, when vessels reportedly from Egypt were caught fishing without a licence in a manner that contravened fisheries regulations.

Officials told Knews that licences can be generally obtained based on a number of criteria, including area, time period, and type of catch, while additional factors are involved in the application process.


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