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No bail for detained fishermen in the north

Five Egyptian men still in custody as Turkish Cypriot investigators search for more evidence


The saga of the five Egyptian fishermen arrested last week by Turkish Cypriot authorities in the north over 'illegal fishing activities' will continue as they remain in custody for three more days. 

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According to media reports, the primary investigator in the case sought a renewal of the three-day remand on all five men in order to carry on with the investigation.

The men, who were apprehended by Turkish Cypriot Coast Guard officials Friday evening about 7.5 nautical miles off the northern coast, are facing charges in connection with illegal entry and unlicenced fishing activities while on board a vessel flying a Republic of Cyprus flag.

Media in the north said on Tuesday that officials found evidence of what they described as “illegal fishing” including 10 swordfish and 12 stacks of mackerel.

Knews understands that consultations were also being carried out through the bicommunal crime committee between law enforcement officials from both communities of the divided island.

Republic of Cyprus officials in the south have called for the men’s immediate release and mounted a campaign through the United Nations to protest the arrest including the confiscation of the boat named “Yia Sou Kaiki Mou Ai Nikola.”

Authorities in the north, who are recognised only by Turkey, said an investigation will be carried out fully and all procedures will be followed including a full and unimpeded investigation.

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